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Project GLAD Implementation

Examining implementation of OCDE Project GLAD® was an important component of this study. We wanted to understand how Project GLAD was used by teachers in the treatment group. We also wanted to know whether or not teachers in the control group used Project GLAD, or similar strategies, despite being in the control group. Our measures of implementation included attendance logs at professional development sessions, coaching logs, monthly surveys, classroom observations, and interviews with teachers and principals.

Overall, we found that all treatment teachers received the full training and coaching follow-up. All treatment teachers used Project GLAD to at least some extent, although the frequency and quality of implementation varied greatly across teachers. Very few control teachers used strategies similar to Project GLAD strategies.

Principal Investigator Theresa Deussen explains why districts should be concerned about implementation.

For more information about the study, contact Theresa Deussen.

Additional resources

Study team members have shared information about their implementation measures at several recent conferences:

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