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Study Group
Rear: Jason Greenberg Motamedi, Angela Roccograndi, Ann Davis, Elizabeth Autio, Caitlin Scott, Makoto Hanita
Front: Kari Nelsestuen, Theresa Deussen, Dawn Batchelor

Theresa Deussen, Ph.D., is the primary investigator for this study. Her areas of focus include the evaluation of reading programs and policies, interventions for struggling readers, and the effective instruction of ELLs. In addition to leading the OCDE Project GLAD® study, she is also the principal investigator for an experimental study of an intervention for struggling middle school readers in five Washington schools. She was the lead author on a summary of research of effective instruction for ELLs and the principal investigator for a review of Washington state’s Bilingual program. She also recently participated on the ELL subcommittee of Washington’s Quality Education Council, charged with identifying the key components of a quality education for ELLs and is a participant on Alaska’s state literacy team. Dr. Deussen holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Michigan.

Angela Roccograndi is a school liaison and site visitor for this study. She also manages student assessments and the restricted-use data base for Project GLAD that tracks participation and ensures complete data collection. Ms. Roccograndi has co-authored several summaries of research, including one summarizing effective practices for ELLs and another on effective practices for tutoring reading. She has training and experience in both Project GLAD and SIOP. Other work, current and previous, includes evaluations of preschool, elementary, and middle school reading and interventions. Ms. Roccograndi graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, with a masters degree in social work and a specialization in research.

Ann Davis, is a school liaison and site visitor for this study. She has been the primary evaluator for many complex evaluation and research projects and brings her deep assessment expertise in literacy, standardized assessments, alternative assessment, and instrument development to this study. For the past several years, a major focus of her work has been the evaluation of literacy projects, including Alaska Reading First, other state Reading First projects, Project ExCEL in Head Start (an Early Reading First project), and Colorado Read-to-Achieve. Currently, she manages a randomized controlled trial that examines the impact of home educators on Spanish-speaking children’s social and early literacy skills. She is also involved in Washington’s Striving Readers, an experimental study of a reading intervention for middle schoolers. Ms. Davis completed graduate work in evaluation at the University of Virginia.

Basha Krasnoff is a school liaison and site visitor for this study. She has conducted extensive site visits across the region to observe classroom instruction and interview administrators, teachers, and students for studies on adolescent literacy, Reading First, instructional strategies for ELLs, an NSF-funded science project, and school turnaround. Her literature reviews--focused on such research topics as statewide systems of support for schools and districts in need of improvement, school accountability, school reform, school turnaround, dropout prevention, achievement gap, culturally responsive instructional practices, and collaborative meetings around student data--have been developed into topical overviews and research briefs.

Caitlin Scott, Ph.D, is a school liaison and site visitor for this study. Dr. Scott has extensive experience in research and evaluation, and her skills focus on mixed qualitative and quantitative methods and analysis. In addition to her work for this study, she is responsible for the evaluation of Read Right Primary Core Curriculum, a reading intervention program in the Omaha Public Schools, as well as other K-12 evaluation projects. Dr. Scott received her doctorate in Education from Cleveland State University.

Dawn Batchelor provides administrative support for the Project GLAD study. Since coming to Education Northwest in 2008, she has supported multiple projects, including the Striving Readers and Read Right studies, Reading First evaluations, and the ELL research summary.

Elizabeth Autio is a school liaison and site visitor for this study, and led the recruitment efforts. She has 11 years of experience in program evaluation and education research, with a focus on literacy and instructional practices for ELLs. Recent projects include leading the evaluation of early literacy programs in Wyoming and co-authoring a summary of research of effective instruction for ELLs. She has conducted observations in more than 150 classrooms and hundreds of interviews. Ms. Autio holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, with a concentration in quantitative methods.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi, Ph.D., is a school liaison and site visitor for this study; he is also the webmaster for this website and assisted in school recruitment. A specialist in educational anthropology, he has been involved in educational research for more than 15 years, and has extensive experience with qualitative research design and analysis. He has coauthored a review of Washington state’s Bilingual program, and recently coauthored a report to the ELL subcommittee of Washington’s Quality Education Council identifying the key components of a quality education for ELLs. In addition to the Project GLAD evaluation he is also currently conducting an evaluation of Read Right Primary Core Curriculum in Omaha. Dr. Motamedi holds a doctorate in anthropology from Temple University.

Kari Nelsestuen, is a school liaison and site visitor for this study; she also led the development of implementation measures. Ms. Nelsestuen has worked extensively in the field of education, primarily as a program evaluator. She has designed and managed numerous evaluations for which she has also collected and analyzed data and authored many reports and presentations. Her particular expertise is in methods and tools that measure program implementation. Ms. Nelsestuen is also an experienced trainer of site visitors and has conducted hundreds of site visits herself. Her current work focuses on two randomized controlled trials, Project GLAD and Washington Striving Readers. She holds a master’s degree from Teachers College of Columbia University.

Makoto Hanita, Ph.D, is the senior statistician for the randomized controlled trial of Project GLAD. Because of his highly developed technical skills and extensive experience in experimental research, he is involved with many of the research and evaluation studies at Education Northwest that employ a scientific method. He has years of experience conducting experimental and non-experimental research studies. He has published, as the first author, in peer-reviewed journals both in psychology and in medicine. Dr. Hanita holds a doctorate in social psychology from Indiana University.